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Below is a list of questions you may need to know the answers to.

Our Products:

Q1) What is the difference between limited-run model kits and commercial model kits?
A1) Commercial kits are mass-produced and tend to be aimed at the skill level low to medium. Limited-run kits are made in much smaller numbers often on low pressure injection moulding machines. They can sometimes suffer from flashing and small components can be hard to cast. The model kits are also aimed at modellers with a higher skill level as more work and attention is required.

Q2) What does it mean 'some detail parts required from modellers spares box'?
A2) As mentioned in answer 1, small parts such as antennas, some cockpit details and undercarriage parts are hard to mould. Where possible these parts are included cast in resin or metal. However, it may require that the modeller supply these parts from their spare parts box.

Q3) Will you be re-releasing the CT.4 Airtrainer?
A3) (UPDATED) We certainly intend to. A new set of moulds have been made and early castings have been encouraging although there are a few issues that need to be sorted out.

Payment & Postage:

Q4) I am paying for my order with Paypal's eCheck, is this the same as paying by written cheques?
A4) Alas eChecks may be electronic but they still need to clear like written cheques. Paypal will take up to five working days to process this form of payment, so we do not recommend it.

Q5) Why use Airmail rather than Economy?
A5) There is very little difference in cost between Air Mail and Economy, in most cases only NZ$1 or $2. But there is a big difference in delivery times, as much as five to ten working days longer for Economy.

Q6) If my order is damaged on arrival what should I do?
A6) The best place to start is your local postal service. You will probably have to fill in a claim form with all the details of your order and the damage incurred.

Q7) If my order doesn't arrive what should I do?
A7) Arrival times aren't guaranteed, please give it another few more days to a week. E-mail us to keep us advised of the situation. Also, double check your postal address you supplied for errors.

Q8) My country doesn't appear in the shipping list of countries, what should I do?
A8) E-mail us and we will add the country to the list. We have included most countries but may have missed one or two. There are a handful of countries we are unable to ship to due to restrictions or unreliable postal service.

General Questions:

Q9) What is the best way to get in touch if I have a question?
A9) E-mail is the best way to contact us as it doesn't cost anything, plus we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

Q10) If I have an idea or suggestion can I e-mail you?
A10) That's a big YES. We always welcome e-mails from our customers on any topic.

3D Printing Service Questions:

Q11) How big a print can you produce?
A11) Our print area is 15cm cubed.

Q12) What filament types do you offer?
A12) We can print in ABS and PLA in white.

Q13) Can you design something for me?
A13) Possibly, I am still learning the 3D modelling software, but can design objects using basic shapes. However, if you have an .stl file I can print from that.

Please note: we can not print anything that is protected by copyright, please check before sending any print files. I will also do my own check before printing.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Service Questions:

Q14) What materials can you cut?
A14) We currently cut 3mm ply, 4mm MDF, cardboard and we are currently practicing with perspex.

Q15) What materials can you engrave?
A15) It can engrave most materials as long as it no thicker than 5cm.

Q16) Can you engrave tumblers/glass?
A16) Sadly no. A new version of the machine with a rotary attachment was released a few months after we purchased our machine.

Q17) Can you design something for me?
A17) We will certainly give it a go. If you can send us details of what you would like will access it's feasibility.

Please note: we are currently trying out new techniques, engraving on ceramic tile, mirror and so on, so hopefully we will be able to expand the machines potential.



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