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Kit Reviews

Below are some reviews published on the internet of our kits.


JY0101 Tempest Mk.1 Conversion Kit

While this conversion does require a little elbow grease and some hunting around for suitable references, it would be a good model for someone’s first attempt at branching out into conversions. My main gripe is that the instructions really could have offered more assistance and a more accurate camouflage scheme. The omission of the oil cooler and the inclusion of only one canopy style also limit the kit, especially given that the tail shape seems to be appropriate for the later appearance of HM599. Still, I think Ventura should be lauded for bringing out this otherwise accurate and straightforward conversion for the Tempest; certainly the supplied pieces are all of good quality for a limited-run model. The Heller kit is still fairly easily found (I picked mine up cheap second hand), while the conversion kit (edited) is still in production and available from various specialty stores, plus JAYS Model Kits online store. (edited)

This is one of those aircraft that really should be made with the wheels up to show off its elegant lines: the chunky Tempest undercarriage makes the finished model look rather bottom heavy. However, it’s otherwise a nice-looking model and certainly gives some scope to any what-iffers who would like an RAF opponent for Luft 46 types.

Reviewed by Peter Hobbins December 2007. To see the full review Click Here. To purchase this kit Click Here.


JY0105 Spitfire Mk.XI (Ventura) Kit

Overall, this kit fit together pretty well, considering its limited-run nature. Clean up, filing, filling, and dry-fitting of most parts was necessary as is usually the case with kits of this type. Assembly begins with the cockpit which, if built with only the kit parts, will not take long! I opted to install one of Cooper Detail's excellent Spitfire interiors which, after significant thinning of the sidewalls, fit very well into the Ventura fuselage parts. With some minor cleaning up of edges and molding gates, the fuselage parts fit together very well with no filler and panel lines that matched up.
The vertical stabilizer and rudder are molded whole with one side of the fuselage, eliminating a seam here. Fitting of the wings did not prove to be as easy! Dry fitting revealed that although the upper wing parts fit well to the fuselage, the lower wing was not even close! In order to get the best possible fit with minimal filler, I decided to glue the wing uppers to the fuselage first. To my pleasant surprise, with just a little filing the wing tops fit very well and at the correct dihedral angle. Fitting of the lower wing required filing and sanding of the mating surfaces to achieve an acceptable fit. Even then, some filling around the gull-wing section and at the tips was necessary. (Edited)

Reviewed by John Mancini October 1999. To purchase this kit Click Here.


JY0111 Spitfire Mk.22 Kit

There are now several Spitfire Mk.22 kits floating around: the ancient Hawk/Testors injection-moulded “shape” more akin to a Mk.XVIII, the Pegasus short-run injection- moulded (reviewed here most ably by Scott van Aken), the recent CMR resin, and the Ventura/JAYS short-run injection moulded. This kit certainly looks to be accurate in shape – i.e. it looks like a Mk.22 Spitfire! – and if you’re keen to try these sort of kits then go for it, it’s as good a start as any. The only hassles I see in this kit are separating the smaller parts from the sprue, but with care it certainly won’t be impossible. Cheap and looks the part.

Reviewed by Zac Yates June 2009. To see the full review Click Here. To purchase this kit Click Here.


JY0112 Seafire Mk.47 Kit

I'm happy with the result, considering it's 1/72 scale and not a mass produced kit I feel that I did a good enough job to put it on the shelf with the other Fleet Air Arm birds. The kit is a good one though, a modeller with greater skills than I - and a little more patience could really turn this into a beauty. I now have another Jays Spitfire (Mk. 17) in the stash waiting to be built which will hopefully be an improvement.

Reviewed by Nathan Satherly June 2009. To see the full review Click Here. To purchase this kit Click Here.



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