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*New Partnership (23/09/22)*

Next month we will be announcing a new partnership with a very well known and respected New Zealand hobby company. Details are being finalised and we are looking at launching that companies products sometime mid-October. With inclusion of these products it is going to expand our range by more than double and introduce knew categories.
More news coming soon.

*Magic: The Gathering Update (28/08/22)*

Magic: The Gathering cards are now available in store. We are focusing on the cheaper common and uncommon cards which will enable new players to get into the game more affordably. These cards are available in ten price points and the full list of available cards can be downloaded from each product item. We also have a small number of more valuable cards for sale which will be available in small quantities. If you have any questions about how to make a purchase please email us for more information.

*Magic: The Gathering (11/08/22)*

For those of you who are also board gamers as well as model kit makers, you may be interested to know we will soon be listing Magic: The Gathering cards for sale. I have been interested in this card game for some time and know how expensive it can be to get into. But, I have discovered you can create decks cheaply using the common and uncommon rated cards, it's called Artisan. With this in mind I have acquired a stock of M:TG cards to make my own decks and will be listing the remainder for sale. If there is enough interest in M:TG I will look into sourcing additional stock.

*Product Clarifications (25/02/22)*

We recently released three new Tasman Accessory products for the RB51 Mustang. Since the release we learned that these products are suitable for all P-51 Mustangs as well, so have corrected the packaging and item descriptions to reflect this.

*Price Alert (23/01/22)*

Falcon Industries, our supplier of their Cleavax and Squadron products, have informed us they are raising their prices due to an increase in material costs. This will result in an increase of 17% in shop prices. The change will take affect on the 1st February.

*Denizen Plus Christmas Sale (16/11/21)*

Our early Christmas Sale is now on to help beat the last postal days for Christmas. Many items on sale, Canopies, Clearvax, Frei Korp, Model Kit Accessories, plus a number of other single items. Also, today, we launch our stock of Denizen metal miniatures.

*Denizen Miniatures Arriving Soon (28/10/21)*

I know table top gaming is a bit of a departure for us and I realise that these products won't be of interest to many. But it's tough out there right now and we need to broaden our scope in order to survive. Besides, gaming is a hobby and some of the products under this category could be incorporated into modelling. So we are pleased to announce that we will soon be stocking a range of metal miniatures produced by Denizen. I hope these products will appeal to some of you.

*Postal Rates Rise (01/10/21)*

We discovered the hard way that New Zealand Post introduced new rates that seem to affect all overseas shipping. We have amended all shipping rates to reflect the change, but there is some good news.
The reason for the rate rise is because they have now added tracking to each shipment. You will be able to find your tracking number on your PayPal statement, and we will send you a link via email, so you can track your order through the NZPost website. Thanks NZ Post!

*Clearvax set 56 On It's Way (11/02/21)*

It has been a long time coming but there is a new canopy set being released by Falcon Industries. Clearvax Set 56, entitled Luftwaffe Part 6, will feature canopies for Do.17Z, Me.262A, Bf109 and Bf110 for a number of various kits including ICM, Tamiya and HobbyBoss.
We hope to have this new set of canopies in stock by mid February.

*Website Upgrades (07/12/20)*

JAYS Hobby Products website has gone through some changes. As you may have noticed the visual aspect of the site has changed a little due to the upgrading of the ZenCart template. There has also been some tweaks behind the scenes which may have caused a few minor issues to begin with. But most of the kinks have been ironed out now and we are bang up to date.
We apologise to any customers who have been inconvenienced during this process, but it was a necessary process which was long overdue. The last issue to be corrected is the appearance of some text on Android devices. It seems black is white according to Android, which is causing some text to be difficult to read. Hopefully this will be corrected shortly.

*New Wirraway Kit (03/08/20)*

JAYS Model Kits adds a new kit to its range, JY0120 Commonwealth Wirraway and features four decal schemes that includes air force and civil and a bonus decal featuring additional RAAF serial options. We have limited numbers for now but hope to get some more kits produced as soon as parts become available.

*All in a Spin (06/06/20)*

With the recent acquisition of a metal spin caster we are excited to announce that we will be adding the Frei Korps line of products to our store over the coming weeks. We also hope to increase our Tasman and JAYS accessory range as well. There is a lot of work ahead cataloging the new stock and creating new products. Plenty to look forward to.

*JY0117 Kit Released (07/03/20)*

The second of three kits has been released, JY0117 Spitfire Mk.IX High Altitude and features markings for RAF and RAAF. Also included are Spitfire Mk.VIII markings and kit parts to convert the kit to this variant. Decals have been remastered by Old Models Decals here in NZ. Next planned kit release will be JY0118 Spitfire Mk.XI.

*Leap Year Long Weekend Sale (27/02/20)*

This will be our first ever Leap Year Sale and and we are making it will start tomorrow and ends on midnight Monday 2nd March. All you usual suspects will be on special.

*JY0104 Kit Released (01/02/20)*

Its been quite some time since we launched a new kit, you wait ages for one to come along then three arrive at once. JY0104 Spitfire Mk.IXc is the first of three due for release over the coming weeks. It features markings for American and Israeli air forces. Decals have been remastered by Old Models Decals here in NZ. Next planned kit release will be JY0117 Spitfire Mk.IX High Altitude.

*Happy New Year (03/01/20)*

A little late, due to technical issues, we are having our New Year Sale starting this Saturday 4th Jan. It will run for two weeks and end on the 19th.

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